Health Benefits of Caffeine in Coffee | Caffeine Side effects

Health Benefits of Caffeine in Coffee
Health Benefits of Caffeine in Coffee

In this blog I am going to cover what are the Health benefits of caffeine in coffee, what are the side effects and how much dose you have to take. I will tell you in full detail what the benefits of caffeine are.

What is caffeine?

Everyone knows that caffeine is mostly used during pre-workout, but the caffeine present inside the coffee you drink and the soda, packed food and soft drinks you drink from outside as well as energy boosters in the market, they are found with caffeine inside everything. 

We don't want that caffeine. So what is caffeine, caffeine is a legal drug. Let me tell you the most important thing, caffeine is also used in medicine, there is caffeine inside prescribed medicine. 

For example, when you are sick, you take a headache pill or a pill of cold, there is also caffeine in it. You will know that if you feel like a doctor, you have caffeine present inside it, because of that sometimes you do not sleep. 

So caffeine is present in the medicine tomorrow as well as the Nadar of tea is also present. But now we will see what are the benefits of Caffeine, what is the disadvantage, how many doses to take.

Health benefits of caffeine in coffee

Weight loss

So caffeine helps you to lose weight because the caffeine ingredient that activates your brain increases your alertness.  As you drink coffee, before that your energy is down and after the drink, instant energy is released in your body, then it helps in a lot of weight loss.  It works as a fat burner as green tea does.

Boost your long term memory

If you drink coffee in moderation, as long as you drink coffee, you will not have any problem because it will help to boost your long term memory.

Reduce the risk of cancer

Throat cancer, liver cancer, mouth cancer, caffeine will help you to protect whoever is fighting the disease of cancer.  During weight loss within fitness, people drink more coffee and caffeine is also used more in supplements

In long term memory, I will tell you that your alertness in caffeine increases.  When you drink coffee, the caffeine stimulates the nervous system, controls the central nervous system and blood pressure, and if blood pressure is low, coffee helps to increase blood pressure

Your alertness increases, concentration increases, focus increases, but when it is in the limit, it does not harm you.

Side effects of caffeine

So when do coffee drinks cause side effects when your limit is high.  300mg per day this is your limit.  This means 2 cups of coffee in 1 day.  If you drink more than 2 cups as well as in pre-workout, energy boosters, alcoholics, soft drinks, all of these will reduce your caffeine dose from 600 to 700 mg.  To see what its side effects will be.

  • Nervousness
  • Sleeping trouble
  • Upset stomach
  • Anxiety/stress

If the dose of caffeine is high, then the brain that is unable to rest, will not get sleep.  So drinking more coffee or consuming more caffeine has its side effects.

If you serve 300mg in 1 day of limitation, then there will be no problem, if you want to take the whole life. So those who drink more coffee will have to pay attention, not to overdose. Because your weight gain will be instead of losing. 

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So taking more overdoses will get you to feel hungry and you will eat more, which is not right for you. So Friends caffeine benefits are very good, just you have to keep their limit in control. 

If your pre-workout supplement is checked and a serving is written inside your pre-workout supplement, per serving is 15 mg, then it will not hurt you. Very few supplements will be such that within which you get 300mg dose and it is not legal. 

This is why so much caffeine is not added inside the pre-workout supplements. Caffeine also dehydrates you, which causes a loss of water in your body, which is not right. 

Caffeine causes dehydration

So you should not be shortness of water in your body. So if you keep caffeine low and keep it in the limit then nothing will happen unless you use your will. 

If coffee does not suit you, see it depends upon person to person on what type of body it is. Like some people who smoke alcohol and drink alcohol, they will not know if they drink too much coffee. 

But like pregnant women and young children, they do not need so much caffeine.  Pregnant women have to take caffeine less than 100mg, if you drink coffee more than this, it will not be good for your baby. 

So if its doses are in control, then you can take it for a lifetime. When you drink coffee, it releases instant energy in your body and it goes inside your brain within 50 minutes and what it does is,  you will become active and be sharp and sleepless. 

Caffeine gives you instant energy

And it stays in your body for 6 hours. If you drink coffee at 7-8 in the evening, then you will not be able to sleep till 12 in the night. If you use caffeine before 6 pm, then you will not have any problem with sleeping.  

So friends the caffeine have some advantages and also some disadvantages, but there is no harm when you keep less than 300mg dose in a day. So whatever caffeine is present inside the  that will be fine. 

Caffeine affects your sleep

If caffeine does not suit you, it is not for you. A lot of people get irritated with caffeine drink, and they are cured which does not suit caffeine. So few people are allergic to caffeine,pre-workout otherwise, there is no harm from caffeine.

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So these are the basic health benefits of caffeine in coffee which gives to energy and activate your body.

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