Benefits of Indian Chai Tea and Side Effects

Benefits of Indian Chai Tea and Side Effects
Benefits of Indian Chai Tea and Side Effects
In this blog, I want to tell you that many people will think about Indian (chai) tea, it is a very important part of the Indian lifestyle, which is our life cell. Tea is used in every country of the world, but we are talking about benfits of Indian chai tea, it is Indian tea which is completely different from other and English tea. 

So Indian tea which is inside our lifestyle, from morning to evening, tea is used inside our houses throughout the day, you travel to the office or anywhere you need tea. I am fond of tea myself and I love it.

So I will tell you how you can lose fat by drinking tea and how you can use tea during fat loss. Tea will not make your results harmful to your goals. So what happens inside the tea, for the tea we use water. 

We use spices, whether the spice is cardamom, cloves what you mix that depends upon you. We also add ginger in tea. So these spices are mixed to increase the tea taste and to increase the flavour. 

And then the leaf is added inside it like tea leaf and then milk is added in it, then sugar is added in it, after mixing four five things in tea, it is boiled and then the tea is made when the tea boils. And after boiling, the tea becomes tasty.

And the English tea that is made very different, in that the tea is not boiling in it and the water is different, the tea is different, the milk is different and the sugar is different. Its takes according to their need. 

But you put everything inside the Indian tea and then finally hot tea is found in a cup and no one knows how many calories are inside it. By the way, Indian tea which means our tea is very healthy if we drink it well but it is also very unhealthy if you get addicted because it has high calories and the calories which are coming from sugar that is not good for us. 

We talk about how you drink tea during fat loss. By the way, we drink one to four cups of tea within a day and the people who are in the office drink at least three times as much and also drink from home once in the morning, about 4 cups in their day. People who live in the house do not work much, they drink tea once in the morning, in the evening also. 

So I would say two is a minimum number and four to five is the maximum number.  First of all, I will share this when you make tea, add water, add milk, that is fine, add ginger is good for the taste. But when sugar is added there, you have a problem, I want to tell you the same thing.

So let me tell you how to take the sugar that means how to pour it in the tea, first see which spoon you are putting sugar in it, is this teaspoon or tablespoon is the difference between the two, teaspoon means the smallest spoon containing about 5 grams. Sugar comes and tablespoon means big spoon containing 15 grams of sugar. 

There are three small teaspoons equivalent to a large tablespoon, even today large tablespoon is used inside our homes, the small teaspoon is almost not used. What I mean to say is that instead of tablespoons, you use small teaspoons, then 5 grams of sugar comes in it if you drink four cups of tea a day, then according to one big tablespoon, one cup contains 15 grams of sugar. 

That means 60 grams of sugar in 4 cups. So understand that 60 grams of sugar which are white sugar, which causes diabetes and other diseases, which also causes a fat problem. That is fine, if you drink four cups of tea with a small teaspoon, then it will not be a problem if it is replaced by a large table. 

If you drink with a tablespoon then you will have problems. You have 2 option, if you use a big tablespoon, then drink only 1 cup of tea a day and if you want to drink 3 cups of tea a day, then use a small tablespoon, that's all. 

If you want to drink tea during fat loss, then you use only small teaspoons and not big ones, if you use small teaspoons, then nothing will affect you, whether it is your fat loss goal or if you workout, you can burn that much sugar comfortably, and if your sugar intake in tea is high then your weight will also increase. 

60 grams of sugar or 25 grams, 30 grams is too much, so it means you have to understand the limitations of whether you can take sugar in tea with 1 or 2 teaspoons.  Many people are addicted to drinking tea. It means they are addicted to sugar, not tea you understand this. 

Benefits of Indian Chai Tea and Side EffectsBenefits of Indian Chai Tea and Side Effects

If you get 4 cups of tea in a day without sugar, then you will not drink it because there is no sugar in it, you will say without sugar tea is not tasty. So that's the addiction, it is not tea, it is about sugar because the taste of tea will remain the same, the taste of sugar changes the taste of tea, but if you drink tea without sugar, you will drink tea only once a day. 

When you add sugar, you will drink tea as much as you want during the day, then the sugar here is an all-around drug and it is such a drug that when you drink tea, your brain is happy, your body suffers, 2 minutes or 5 minutes of high intake sugar tea feels the brain good but make the body suffer.

Diabetes problem, fat gain, weight gain and other health problems to the body. How many losses is there for that 2-minute taste, then reduce that taste and whatever that is you have to change your body habit, that change your taste, and if get a habit of that then your body will also change like that.

If you start reducing the use of sugar, I can tell you that your addiction will be reduced.  Within a week you reduce sugar, your habit will change, the habit is changed within 1 week, especially the taste, if you reduce the sugar in one week, then it will be tough for you after one week. 

After that, your body will become the habit of less sugar.  See if you are addicted of something, and if you think to leave it, then you force yourself to take that thing back, that is what you need to change in your body, no matter what it is. 

I am not saying that you should stop drinking tea, it is not so, but you have to take care of sugar. So you can drink tea during any fitness goal, just keep sugar low, you will not have any problem.

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