Best Way of Eating Healthy in College


Best Way of Eating Healthy in College
Best way of Eating Healthy in College

In this blog, we are going to talk about Best Way of Eating Healthy in College, Meals which can be taken with college students or students going to school or university, because often there is a question in the mind of the students that we are unable to diet and how we can Manage the diet. 

If you go to college at 9 in the morning and the college remains till 4-5 in the evening, how many times do you eat between it, is it healthy or unhealthy and some people even survive by drinking tea

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For those who go to full-time school, college, taking full-time bodybuilding meals are very challenging. Those who want to achieve goals take meals to college. If they do not feel shame, they are making their rules strict, that I am following or doing my diet. 

It does not matter whether I am carrying my meal or not. Those people can make their own way. But there are other categories of people here who do not do bodybuilding or do not have their competing goals or who go to the gym and want to be healthy or they do not have any powerful goals. 

Whether you want to stay healthy or you want to maintain weight and look good. Also, you did not work out or did it. But whatever you take from home, you will eat the same way, so all the junk foods are available and you will avoid them inside the college. 

Junk foods such as pastries, noodles, patis, soft drinks, samosas, bread pakoras you know what is available in your canteen. It is natural that nothing will be healthy like I said some people make a living by drinking tea.

But here we will talk for students, the breakfast that is meal 1, you eat from home.  If every student leaves from home, we will not talk much about him. In any case, you have a lot of options like poha, oats, rice, smoothie, bread toast and milk, so this is a simple option. 

Best way of Eating Healthy in College

There are many more options for your meal 1. Meal 5 and Meal 6, you already eat at home already, you know well. The problem is within which meal, meal 2, meal 3, meal 4 means lunch, lunch and evening breakfast during the last lecture college.

Meal 2 (Breakfast)

So here I am talking about the first meal 2, which you can take between about 11 to 12 o'clock, it depends on you when you eat. So in this meal, you can first take 1-2 bananas and with it, you can take about 200-250g of roasted chickpeas

If you are getting wet then you can eat bananas and take them.  Also, you can roast white chickpeas and eat them from your pocket while walking. 

I am telling you the easiest things that you can take with your normal pack and there is nothing going to make fun of it. 

If you are losing weight then do not take more than one banana and if you want to be healthy or maintain it, then a single banana is very much. 

So from these meal, you will get 400-450 calories, these miles will easily become available to you.

Meal 3 (Lunch)

You can take these meals until about 1-2 o'clock. Here too your timing depends. So here it comes to you that if you take it from home, it is a very good thing and there is an option like an egg sandwich or paneer sandwich, it is a kind of vegetarian meals, so a sandwich is a great option here. 

And the third option is if you want to carry chicken.  But the rest, which you find easy to carry such as sandwiches, toasted it, put cheese inside it, tomatoes, some green vegetables and onions do not carry it, so if you smell bad. 

If you are single then you will go on, but you have a girlfriend and if you hit someone's line, then you must know this thing to avoid onion. 

If you are taking protein diet then add egg, otherwise, the paneer will be easy, you can add small slices of paneer with ketchup, it will be easy for you and you can also drink tea with it, no problem will be good for you. So from this, you will get about 400-500 calories depending on how much you eat.

Meal 4 (final meal)

This meal in which you are going to have your last lecture, you are going to miss college and can also be an evening snack.  And this meal can be taken around 4 o'clock. 

And this meal can be yours that you can take milk and biscuits together. Take Milk 400-500g and 3-5 biscuits. You do not need sugar biscuits like Parle-g. 

Fibre biscuits come in the market, you can take a packet of Rs 5-10. If you want sugarless biscuits, then if you search in the market, sugarfree biscuits will be easily found. 

Because after this you are going to work out and your workout is in the evening between 5 pm and 6 pm, it depends on you. You can take half a litre of milk whether it is fat or not, if you are gaining weight and are thin then you can have full-fat milk. 

So as you maintain, you can take 1% fat. You do not need to worry too much, you have torn the packet and drink it, directly from the shop and have not put it in the glass. 

And this will give you a lot of protein. 400-500 calories can be easily found in this meal also. So within the college, you can consume 1200 to 1500 calories. 

The thing to be taken from a home is sandwiches and roasted chickpeas, other things have to be taken from outside. So these were some of my tips for college students

If you are doing weight gain then you can easily take 1500 calories and those who are losing weight can take 800 to 1200 calories, just you have to reduce things from these three meals. 

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It is for those people who go to breakfast from home in the morning, how to take care of their health in college and Best way of Eating healthy in College. 

Those who do workouts will take care of their healthy diet but those who do not keep or do not go to the gym, at least eat healthy instead of junk foods.

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