What are the Effects of Smoking Cigarettes

What are the Effects of Smoking Cigarettes
This topic of my blog is very interesting, it is a very demanding topic and almost the population of the world who smokes and they do not know effects of smoking cigarettes. I am covering this topic what happens with smoking. I am going to cover in this blog on your muscle-building goal, fat loss goal, weight loss goal.

"Smoking Cigarettes is not good for your health"

This is an very important topic to cover, it means to let you know whether it is beneficial or harmful so nothing is beneficial, only full of losses from smoking. I will cover both the topics which people exercise during the habit of smoking and those who do not exercise.

How Smoking Affects Those Who Exercise

Let's start with the first people who exercise, effects of smoking cigarette makes a difference, then what happens. Whenever we smoke, there is nicotine in it and nicotine is such an ingredient, nicotine forms a chain inside your body and when that chain starts to dissipate, nicotine is a drug that can make the body repeatedly in to make that chain. 

Demand for means that once your body gets used to it, your body will demand nicotine, again and again, means smoking, and that chain of nicotine becomes that and you go on smoking, and this is such and there is a chain that is not finished, only it is made, so because of which you finish two packets a packet a day of cigarettes, it is very wrong.

【Nicotin is a Type of Drug which is found in Cigarette】

When you exercise, what is the effect of smoking on exercise, its effect on your endurance level, stamina this means it will be very difficult for you to be able to apply more reps. If you apply more reps, your body will produce less oxygen, and it will be difficult for your lungs to produce more oxygen, which means your lungs are working 30 per cent more.

 For those who do not smoke, the lungs of those who smoke more and doing more work in their body, then you have to have trouble in breathing so that your endurance level will be affected and you will find it very difficult to apply 16 to 20 reps hard for you to work on the slow-twitch muscle fibre, so that's the first thing but still depends on how much cigarettes you smoke a day and your second thing is your oxygen level, it means your body produces more oxygen, 30 per cent more. You have to work to produce the same oxygen to your body, and its effects on your breathing.

"Smoking causes a Breathing Problem and Decrease your stamina"

Smoking affects your testosterone

Smoking cigarettes will affect your testosterone, testosterone is a very important hormone, and over-smoking causes your testosterone level to drop. What happens with testosterone, there is a very important hormone for muscle building and fat loss.

 So its definitely decreases your production of testosterone with more smoke, after this what will happen in your body due to lack of oxygen which you supply very less command of oxygen in your muscle, due to lack of oxygen when you train. 

"Testosterone levels Drops when you smoking"

You will not be able to train a muscle well, because you produce 30% less oxygen.  The more oxygen you have, the more you can supply blood to oxygen into your muscle, your testosterone will drop, strength will drop and your lungs will have trouble in breathing and blood flow will be slow there, which is all the bad effects.

But it does not affect that much on muscle building, yet the smoker is the one who builds muscle.  If you smoke a cigarette a day you can still build muscles and if smoke whole packet a day it affects your body to produce that much oxygen, less blood flowing to the muscle, drop your testosterone level and drop your endurance level but on strength, it does not affect so much.

There will be no problem because your body will be able to apply 8 reps, it is fine for you but after applying 8 reps your lungs will start to thrive more. But still, you will be able to build muscle.

"Smokers can easily build muscles"

How Smoking Affects Those Who Do Not Workout

But now those who do not exercise do not mean that they do not have any goal like muscle building or fat loss or weight loss. So for those who I have just explained that it will cause cancer, see that it is fun to smoke cigarettes, but you do not think that your body will have to face many problems.

"Smoking causes lungs cancer"

 If you still smoke then reduce it slowly. It is not that you will be completely released, but after a few days, you will definitely be released. So control yourself, If you feel more concerned about cigarettes and now you are feeling regret after reading this post, then you must have understood how much harm you have from effects of smoking cigarettes whether you do workouts or not, even if you are useless but keep the distance from cigarettes.

"Please stop smoking"

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