How To Reduce Stress | Top 3 Stress Reducing Foods

How To Reduce Stress | Top 3 Stress Reducing Foods
How To Reduce Stress
In this blog, I am going to cover which foods that will reduce stress. By the way, the list is very long but I am going to pick the top 3 foods that will help you reduce your stress. And I will tell you what the stress is and why it increases And how you can get relief from it.

Stress is the one that doesn't let you live peacefully. Stress to everyone in life, it can be any kind of stress such as family, children, jobs, business, the financial condition is not good and relationship stress. All these problems give rise to stress, due to which you do not get sleep and also it causes weight gain, etc. There are many more problems. 

We talk about what this actually means: when stress builds up inside your body, then your body releases hormones; they are cortisol hormones. What is Cortisol? Cortisol is a type of stress hormone: When stress occurs, your body releases cortisol hormone. The more stress is divided, the more cortisol will increase and the more cortisol increases, the more abdominal fat will increase. This means that lower belly fat will grow in your body and your body fat will start to gain instead of thighs and legs.

The more fat gain, the greater the danger to your organs: like problems of insulin in diabetes and problems in the heart. You cannot sleep at night because the stress level is too much, cortisol hormone is high in your body. It is very important for you to reduce stress. If the stress increases, then there will be a weight gain and your organ is in danger, as I already told you.

When there is more stress inside the women, then there can be a problem in periods due to stress and the periods will be late and not on time. Acne is also reason from stress and PCODs is another reason for stress.

When you eat sweet, then your stress level increases more, not less. So it is very important to understand this thing.

What do people often say when there is more stress then people start drinking liquor, start smoking and start going to bars. This is why you eat more salty foods and sweet food. Basically, what are you doing, you are feeding that stress hormone. It means your situation is getting worse and you are more stressed.

So instead of all these things you have to focus on stress reducing food, which I am going to tell you So you don't have to feed the stress, you have to reduce stress. Often people drink alcohol after relationship, which worsens you and your situation. Next time you have to focus on anti-stress foods. Office stress, job stress, boss stress, girlfriend stress, children's stress and money's stress , etc.

So there you choose to exercise instead of drinking and smoking.

When you go to the gym, it reduces your body cortisol hormone. Naturally, the cortisol hormone in your body is reduced when you workout. Naturally, the cortisol hormone in your body is reduced when you workout. Higher cortisol is not good for your health. So it is better for you to do a workout if you cannot do it in the sky, then go jogging in the park. Go for some walk and do some physical activities. 

I will show you foods which will reduce stress and reduce cortisol hormone.

You should add stress reducing foods to your diet, which I am going to show you now. If you use these foods daily then the stress you get will be reduced automatically which is very important for health.

Top 3 Foods to Reduce Stress

1. Nuts
How To Reduce Stress | Top 3 Stress Reducing Foods
Top 3 Stress Reducing Foods

You can add nuts here, cashew nuts and walnuts are very beneficial. There are calories in it, if you have weight issues then be careful. You know how the shape of walnut is like the brain because it has a high omega 3 in it. Omega 3 is very important for your brain and it will keep your brain young.

Cashew is very important for you. It is high in zinc and also its a type of mineral. If you miss the zinc in your diet then you will have more problem of stress. Keep in mind that foods containing zinc and magnesium are included in your diet. 

So that your stress hormones do not elevate, zinc is very important. You can serve half or 1 hour before bedtime. You won't care about summer cold nothing will happen to you. Workout or not 1 serving in a day is necessary to reduce stress.

2. Tea (chamomile tea)
How To Reduce Stress | Top 3 Stress Reducing Foods
Top 3 Stress Reducing Foods

You can add tea that you have beaten in your house every day. That will reduce your stress. And you can also add chamomile tea is easily available in India and also easily available in the market. You can also drink it by simply dipping. Tulsi and honey were also added in chamomile tea. Tulsi is very beneficial and tea should be caffeine-free because caffeine doesn't get you to sleep. Use chamomile tea the way you drink green tea. 

3. Oat Meal and Daliya
How To Reduce Stress | Top 3 Stress Reducing Foods
Top 3 Stress Reducing Foods

You can also add oatmeal and daliya in your diet. Adding this will release serotonin hormone in your body, which is feel-good hormone and cortisol is a stress hormone. The more the hormones released in your body the fewer stress hormones will be, which is very good for you. This has fibre in high quantity. 

So this are the basic foods and You can also add one serving in your diet, which will make a lot of difference to you. By the way, there are many foods which reduce stress but these are basic foods. So instead of smoking or drinking in stress, do physical activity or eat anti-stress foods, then it is very good for your health.

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