What Happens When you Stop workout? Weight gain or Weight Loss

What Happens When you Stop Going to Gym? Weight Gain or Weight Loss
In this blog, we see what happens if you stop going to the gym? If you have been going to the gym for many months and years and now you have stop going the gym. I know your gym is closed because of this lockdown. Due to covoid-19, all the gyms were closed due to which many people suffered loss as the financial condition of the trainers would be down and those who workout daily their body will comes to Normal condition. Many people did a home workout to maintain the body and increase immunity. 

After so many days, due to covid-19, the gym is opening from 5th August, in which people need to be careful. Before going inside the gym, it is very important to take care of your safety and follow all the rules of the gym.

So let's see if your gym is closed for so many days, what would have happened to the body? What are you doing if you are going to the gym? You are doing practice and weight training. What Happens When you Stop workout? Weight gain or Weight Loss

Weight training means you are active and it means you are highly active and physically active. You are doing a physical practice, half an hour, one hour and a half hour, that practice can be inside your gym or inside your house like bodyweight training and whether the practice can be done inside the ground. 

Physically giving your body an hour whether it is bodyweight training inside the gym or indoors or whether jogging or exercising in a sports ground or in a garden.

When you stop exercising, you do not lose anything so soon. One week went 2 weeks, 3 weeks went 4 weeks, so what will happen now, the negative part will be that your practice is off, it will affect your strength, it will affect your endurance, it will affect your stamina and your performance. 

These things will start to affect why you were practising. You do 10 reps, 15 reps, you run an hour, half an hour of sprinting or weight training.  What you have been doing regularly, you have suddenly stopped it. What Happens When you Stop workout? Weight gain or Weight Loss

So your body is slowly going to comfort zone, from here when you started the gym, started workouts and started the exercise. Why is your body going back to the same condition? Because you are back to the same average lifestyle.

Those who are highly active do not have an average life, it means life is separate but they are not physically averaged. What will happen in the average people who do not work out at all, no matter how busy their lifestyle is in business, work or elsewhere. 

Those people are not very active physically, they may be more active mentally. Physically active means when you play games when you give time to your body that's a physical activity. What Happens When you Stop Workout? Weight gain or Weight Loss

When your physical activity is not there, then your body went into the average, then what is happening, nothing grows in the average. Your body will go back slowly. Time will not take the score immediately, then what will happen there, your strength level, endurance level slowly drop down because you have given the gap.

If your weight was reduced during the workout then now your weight will start increasing, so what is happening when you are eating, then you are burning calories by doing the workouts. Sweating, doing workouts, burning calories. 

Whatever you are eating inside, you are throwing out by doing workouts, that means you are burning it. Now what will happen when you stop the exercise, then the output which comes out is almost stopped, the input that you are still eating, then you will not stop eating. What Happens When you Stop workout? Weight gain or Weight Loss

So what will happen now, the calories burning process will reduce and gradually your weight will start increasing and the weight that is there will not be a muscle, you will know that it is not possible to make muscle without a workout.

So what will happen if the layer of skin will start getting thick, then without workouts, you take a few days, a few weeks or a few months, then what will happen gradually, you will try back to normal, when you do workout it means you are active.

Let me tell you by an example, a car or generator does not run for days, then the fuel inside it starts watering after a few days, if the car does not run and it spoils the engine, you probably know this.  If the car does not run for a long time, its diesel or petrol becomes water.

This means that you are going to eat, you are going to gain and those who are thin, they have done muscle building by exercising and those who are obese will only gain weight without workout, the same thing people will only gain muscle and if You are burning that food by doing some workouts or running, you will burn the calories you are gaining and your weight will not increase. What Happens When you Stop workout? Weight gain or Weight Loss

See if you do not work out, then there will be no breakdown of your muscle and your fat will increase only because of no breakdown. If you are thinking that without workouts you take protein and remain muscular, then it is not that, you are wrong.

So off course, when you leave the workouts, then within a few months your strength level, endurance level and performance will start to decrease gradually and will impact physically. 

And your hormone level starts to increase gradually if your diet deteriorates during that time, if you do not put a brake on it well, that means you stopped workouts but you did not pay attention to your diet, then your lifestyle was bad. It will become unhealthy. This means that improper diet doing damage to your body and not doing well.

You are going to the gym, you are benefiting a little bit, but something is happening.  If you stop the workouts or stop any physical activity, then it is natural that there is a loss, there is no gain.

And at the same time, there will be a problem in the functionality of your body, such as flexibility, mobility and a functional problem will start in these things. Your body will not be so flexible as before, and will not be as stretchable as you used to be during workouts.

So this means that physical activity has a lot of benefits. You know who is a sports person, if he does not practice for three to four months, then his performance is not good, he will not be able to give that good result. So he has to start practice from May back where he left off.

So in the same way inside the gym, when you start doing workouts slowly, then your performance level, strength level, endurance level which is there starts slowly coming back to the same level. You will find it difficult to stay at all these levels when you give up workouts and this is the truth.

The main thing is that you have to do the workouts, why the people have missed their workouts due to this lockdown. Somewhere the reason for leaving the gym is that you did not get the result, you thought if you are not getting the result, then you leave. What Happens When you Stop workout? Weight gain or Weight Loss

This means that you must have done a lot of mistakes, then you did not get the results. You would have thought that going to the gym would create a body but you would not have paid attention to nutrition. And those who are unable to focus, do not have patience, that is the reason for leaving the gym. Or are you going to the gym without nutrition? 

And if your nutrition plan is good, then give time to your body, not that the body will be formed in a few days. For the time it takes, you have to be consistent if you think that you will make a body soon.

So my main motto was to explain that whatever happens, give your body an hour a day whether it is inside the gym, jogging, or bodyweight training at home. If you miss the gym for any reason, then do a home workout so that your body will be maintained. 

Otherwise, you may find it very difficult to recover your body back after leaving the gym.

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